Sunday, February 12, 2017

Farmer's Daughter

Daddy may be a dirty looking farmer wearing his bibs and digging in the dirt installing tile along side his crew, but don't let that fool you, he is a pretty smart guy.  He is passionate about plant health and soil.  It is becoming more and more obvious that his baby girl is following suit.

 Here they are working on a project about how nitrogen stays in the soil. Yep.  I can't tell you much more about it, though I have asked lots of questions. I guess I just don't share that passion so it doesn't stick in my brain, but seeing moments like these between two of the people I love the most just warms this mama's heart.
Besides that, somebody has to worry about the nitrogen and the weed pressure and the fertility and the runoff and the levels and the pH and all of that good stuff around here.  These two seem to be the perfect fit.

A Special Kiss

A trip to Oklahoma with four generations  in tow to reunite friends from 45 years ago.  Great Grandma requested we visit. Great Grandma really wanted us to visit.  Of course when sweet Great  Grandma who is 90 years young asks that we travel to Oklahoma to visit a dear family that she and late Great Grandpa were cattle buying friends with from so far back....well you get in the car and you go.

This was one of those life changing trips for Great Grandma.  Her name is Dorothy.  We call her Dorty,  Dorty often spoke of her friends who lived on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma.  How "the boys" visited a few times in their childhood and rode the horses and met the ranch boys.  These "boys" are now in their 40's and have kids and wives and a couple horses, pigs, dogs and cats of their own and run a nice little farming operation together in Illinois.   These boys are my husband and his brother.  I've seen photos of their tiny blonde toe heads horseback in expansive pastures of tall Oklahoma prairie some 30 plus years ago.  Adorable.

The grown farm brothers, well one of them, was able to visit with the ranch brothers on their Oklahoma ranch.  Grandma was over-the-moon happy to have reunited these two families, if only for a weekend.  Four generations now have fond memories of riding horseback in those OK pastures now.  And Dorty was happy. In OK. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Number 66

The boy was 5, but though his body be little....his head is always a step ahead.  Little man syndrome maybe?  Baby of the family who hangs with teenagers more than other littles?  Whatever it is, he wanted to work, so we made him a log in for the time clock. We made it 66, since he was turning 6, just so he could remember it.

He rode his bike to work, see it in the background? And oh ya, he picked out his own shoes. He probably worked 15 minutes and had 3 snacks and likely a potty break.  Love this little man.
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