Friday, December 7, 2012

A Horrific but Blessed Day on the Farm

Today I am decompressing from a very strange day yesterday.  My face book post had my phone buzzing and ringing all morning long. So many worried about me.  It’s good to know someone cares right?  I hate fishing posts on face book, so here is my follow-up…


Yesterday kind of went like this:

1. peed bed

2. fit from a kiddo

3. forgotten homework 2 minutes before bus

4. fit (kinda rightly so here)

5. incomplete homework and  upset child headed to school to learn a lesson in responsibility.  Hard parenting time when your kids have to learn the hard way, right?

6. fit at Wal-Mart, actually this was kind of me this time, just kidding, but I hate Wal-Mart.

7. trip to consult with orthodontist which is going to lead to many trips to town, thousands of dollars and mostly awful, pain for baby girl.

8. The question of where and how God is using me on and off of the farm popped up again today in the midst of all of this. This is the heaviest and most joyful issue on my heart daily.

9. Before leaving for a Christmas Concert last evening, Beau cut his head open with a stocking hanger that he pulled off of the mantel. I immediately figured out what to do with the other kids, and headed to Decatur to the clinic for stitches.  On the way over, my sister (thank God for that girl and all her kid health knowledge!) told me about liquid bandage. So I continued to Decatur to get that, because we know that the chances of the Dollar General having it was slim and I was already almost to Decatur! 

10. Oh, another small fit from a baby that kept saying “I hurt mom.” The fit was about the location of his car seat in the van.  So I moved the darn thing in the parking lot of Walgreens for my poor hurting, hungry child who had already had junk food  McNuggets for lunch due to orotho appointment.

11. On the way back home, I came upon a horrific car accident.  I don’t remember details, but know that many flashbacks and emotions flooded my head from our car accident in 1985 where I lost my mom.

12. Among my emotion I was so thankful that the accident wasn’t me and my baby and felt the simultaneous guilt that it was somebody’s baby in the flipped over car the firemen were trying to get into.  It was a fresh accident as there was no ambulance and police cars were headed to the scene from all directions.

13. To make matters worse, the thoughts of MY MOM were mixed in there too…oh my! This day is getting deeper.

14. We rushed back in town just in time to pick up Great Grandma (who I was worried I would be late to get) to take her to the Christmas Concert.

15. Witness a near crash as parents were turning into the school parking lot from the busy road. Screamed and nearly gave Grandma another heart attack!

16.  Baby still had blood in his bangs and no shoes, which I forgot in my rush to leave the house.

17.  In the school parking lot, I came nose to nose with the town Police. The lot was crowded and I was trying to get Great Grandma close to the door so she didn’t have far to walk to the entrance to the school. I have an unreasonable fear of police in school parking lots as I “passed” a school bus years ago parking in the lot at the school where I worked! Oh heavens!

18. Husband was standing in the parking lot somehow and watched the cop ordeal and gestured his disapproval of what,  I still don’t know…

19. Doctored Beau’s head under the dome light of the van and screaming and bleeding ensued.

20. Got into school and settled in seat in first or second row on the floor. Ugh! Toddler+Floor= Play, not sit and listen to lovely Christmas music from pesky older sister and her friends.

21. Toddler played with McDonald toy from lunch on the floor with his bloody hair flying in the breeze for the whole town to see.  Toy proved to be very loud as did toddler when directed to sit and listen.

22. Low rise jeans stink and I felt I was managing the toddler AND the creeping underwear hanging out the top of my too low jeans in the front row of packed gym full of Arthurites!  Classy.

23. Took him home after tricking him out of the gym with the  promise of concession stand popcorn that didn’t exist at Christmas concerts, but he’s two, it wasn’t a hard sell. The screams of disappointment were in the hallway, not to be heard by glowing parents proud of Little Suzy’s Christmas solo.

24. Fed hurting, tired toddler and had a wine and cheese while snuggling and watching cartoon. 

25.  Put heavenly children to bed, snuggled and giggled with them and told them how proud I was of who they are becoming. 

26. Detailed conversation with my loving dedicated husband, followed by a 2 am night of writing all of my emotions out on the computer screen to decompress and sort my array of emotions. (My 7th grade english teacher was right, journaling does help. Too bad I am just now learning that 23 years later. )


A day full of blessings and heart ache, a fast-paced, wonderfully awful day, full.

Thanks for all of your calls my friends and family.  I love you all.  I didn’t mean to scare you and I rarely put stuff like that on Facebook, so I am sure it seemed odd. 

So far, today hasn’t been full of weird, odd strings of events, but it really isn’t much better as I am praying for my friend and her mother, wondering about the outcome of the accident and pondering my plight in life.  Thankful for so much and mourning the loss of what could have been  in the events of yesterday and my life. (ugh, man, you can’t go there, known that since ‘85!)

I am happy to be surrounded by people who care and respond to a ‘hurtin’ unit.’ Love you guys!!

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 30

Day 30-Friends and Winging It

I'm trying out posting from my phone- scary and probably not pretty. This month I have worked through some posting "fear" and today my final post I'm at it again.

Posting from an iPhone seem nutty, with my history if grammar. Yikes! But here goes, what the hey, I'm up for winging it!

Today, I am so, so, so over the top thankful for my friends Steph and Missy. Steph and I go back to the ole pre-k days and Missy joined the trio in college.

To say the least these two and I are as thick as it gets.

Both of them are born and raised farm girls. Both married livestock jocks and both work in the ag industry.

They answer lots of my questions and advise me on being a good farm wife... alot!

Between us we are amazed at the number of kids we have and the craziness of our schedules. Trying to get our families together is like trying to sort dust. Nearly impossible!

We have managed a few traditional, regularly scheduled meet ups.

This photo is of our meet up last year at the Farm Bureau Annual meeting. They are important girls there. I just pretty much hang. Works for me!

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