Wow, you are here!  Thank you for visiting with me on my little plot on blog land!  I have been somehow blessed to live on a corn and soybean farm in the midwest.  My farmer husband and I met in college where he was getting his degree in ag business while I was becoming a speech/language pathologist....with a minor in ag.  Hmmm....co-wink-ey-dink?  I think not!  We met in Intro to Animal Science.  That class comes in handy during speech therapy all. the. time!  I think there was a plan there for me and it wasn't about animals:)

So fast forward a few years and we have three wonderful kiddos and are doing our best to be good stewards of the land and of the life that God has given us.  We don't always do it perfect, but we sure try to do our best.

Follow along with me as I haphazardly share our life on the farm with you all!  Thanks for stopping in!
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