Friday, April 27, 2012


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Soybeans popping up from the soil in perfectly orderly rows.  The contrast of the fresh green and the dark brown and even black soil here in central Illinois sure is a refreshing and welcome sight to see each spring.   A true miracle if you ask me.  IMG_5564

“The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn't still be a farmer.”

- Will Rogers



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sportin’ The Brand

This is another throw back post.  But when I found these photos on my hard drive my heart skipped a beat and I knew I had to share.  file30613We have been fortunate to be the semi drivers and keepers of the semi for Channel Bio for the last many years.  Channel Bio used to be several different seed companies.  They did a little reorganization and they are now called Channel.  Back in the day, the semi was referred to as the BIOFUTURE truck.  It was a mobile classroom, complete with flat screen TV's, a kitchen to bake cookies in and an office. They would set up at various events and our family would help with the setup and tear down and would work the event, introducing people to the technology used for the seed corn.file30621I’m not a semi kinda chick, but this baby was cool!  It had a big slide out side and a tarp and they laid out carpet and had tables and chairs and an outside TV, trust me, very cool!  My then baby and I went to visit his Daddy at the Farm Progress Show once when it was in Decatur, Illinois.  This is the boy sporting his super power bracelets and cowboy boots.   file30616Look at that face!  That tongue was always busy, just like generations of this family before him.  Or maybe it was his forward resting position which caused a frontal lisp.  (I’m a speech therapist and can’t pass up the explanation.) It’s cute though, no? file30617

His daddy is farmer, his grandpa is a farmer, I think he has potential in agriculture, but the boy’s got rhythm man, and the moves to match! file30618

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Plant Channel Seed ya’ll. Boom Diggety, yay…..


Disclaimer:  We don’t ONLY plant Channel Seed and I know nothing about it, other than they have a cool semi and have treated us well over the years.  When our seed man reads this post, I probably will have another disclaimer, but for now this will do!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grand Prize Egg

Okay, so I took a little bloggy hiatus.  Don’t burn me at the stake.  I absolutely loathe when people apologize for these little time-outs.  So, I AINT DOING IT.  Let’s move on…..

It’s a little past Easter, but hey, it’s spring, so in my non-type “A” personality we are all good.  At our grade school in town, the art teacher orchestrates an egg decorating contest each year.  My kids decided to do a collective entry and brain stormed themes.  Here is what they decided on (cough, cough) a few years ago, okay, so several years ago, but what’s it matter anyway? 


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It seems that agriculture seeps into everything we do here round these parts!  So does using whatever we have on hand to get the job done.


It makes us more creative when we wait until the last minute and concoct something out of whatever we can scrounge up man!  I mean, look at those craisins for eyes and that beautiful almond nose.


This baby won us a collective GRAND PRIZE!  I’ll hold over last year’s egg entry for next year’s post.  I’m secretly doing a little cheer that we somehow dodged the contest this year….shhh, don’t tell the kids. 

update:  I think the contest maybe didn’t happen this year and that’s why we missed it.  Good to know.


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