Saturday, December 1, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 30

Day 30-Friends and Winging It

I'm trying out posting from my phone- scary and probably not pretty. This month I have worked through some posting "fear" and today my final post I'm at it again.

Posting from an iPhone seem nutty, with my history if grammar. Yikes! But here goes, what the hey, I'm up for winging it!

Today, I am so, so, so over the top thankful for my friends Steph and Missy. Steph and I go back to the ole pre-k days and Missy joined the trio in college.

To say the least these two and I are as thick as it gets.

Both of them are born and raised farm girls. Both married livestock jocks and both work in the ag industry.

They answer lots of my questions and advise me on being a good farm wife... alot!

Between us we are amazed at the number of kids we have and the craziness of our schedules. Trying to get our families together is like trying to sort dust. Nearly impossible!

We have managed a few traditional, regularly scheduled meet ups.

This photo is of our meet up last year at the Farm Bureau Annual meeting. They are important girls there. I just pretty much hang. Works for me!

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