Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on a Family Farm-Day 29

Day 29-My First (and possibly only) Printable

Our family has deep roots in our local Methodist Church.  Justin’s family has gone there for several generations.  His parents were married there and we were married there.  All of our kids were baptized there.  Our church has a congregation of 200ish people.  On a usually Sunday morning we are bound to run in to many of our friends and our kids are sure to find their little groups to hang out with.  The donuts at Sunday School are a sure draw and the coffee during the worship service is a perfect touch, but what brings us back week after week and year after year is the sense of community that our church offers. 


Just like a family, our church family has been through alot.  We’ve had babies and babies and babies and sometimes we’ve had them two at a time!  We’ve had deaths and life changes.  Just like a family, we are steadfast and always there for each other.  Some of us have been attending this church for decades and others for a few weeks or a year.  As soon as you set foot in our doors, you are family.  That is for sure.

Our worship team was planning some holiday services and the idea for some scripture-based Advent Countdown activity was brought up.  Years ago I had made a cheesy one that was just sliced up paper with the scripture message typed on it.  This meeting spurred me on to remake that old wreck of an idea into something better and CUTER!  Cute helps right?

I put this little printable together. I scoured the internet for something I could just print off and go with, after about two hours I gave up and got to work creating my own.  I know this could be made even cuter by a graphic design person, but if it foots your bill, feel free to download and print it.  I may tweak it more next year.  But as with most things I do…it’ll do!

Advent test


I adapted it from a post on Sweeter Than Sweets.  Check out her version too!

It is stored as a pdf at gmail.  It’s public, so you all should be able to click on the image above and download no problem.  If you would rather have the publisher version, shoot me an email and I’d be glad to email it to you. 

For our church we are going to print it on cardstock, tie it together with a little ribbon and give out to all the families in our congregation. 

My plan for it at home is to laminate it and stick it in our current advent calendar. One scripture card per day. Our countdown calendar is kind of like this one, but not really.  Currently, I can’t find it.  Typical.  It’s in the basement. Somewhere. 



Usually I stick candy or coins in each pocket for each day.  I think I’ll still do that, but this year each day will have a scripture in it.  When we get to Christmas Day, the kids will have heard the whole story, from the Bible.  Now that’s importante! 



Want to start at the beginning?  Start HERE!

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