Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 13

Day 13-Romantic Afternoons with My Main Squeeze

Who can recognize this sight?  Well it's not a lovely hotel room on the Mexican shore or fine dining at a romantic Italian Bistro.  It's the view from the backseat of a big rig.  This is what quality time with my husband looks like during the heat of harvest.

On this day, we were more than half way through harvest and he needed me to tend to some work on his cell phone.  I take care of all of that for him (ain't I a keeper?)  Well, he certainly can't stop hauling grain for me to fix his phone, and he can't be without his phone as the guys are constantly calling etc.  So, the baby and I saddled up to the 18 wheeler and took a spin to Filson elevator while I helped him out.

The baby got shotgun, so that left me the back seat, which is a bed.  On this day, I fixed the phone, cranked the air in the rear and tried to take a nap and enjoy the ride!

If you've ever ridden sideways down the highway in a bumpy big rig, you may have guessed that not only was this NOT a romantic afternoon with my husband in a semi during harvest, but it was also a nauseating ride!  Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy!!

You won't find me complaining or turning down the next ride down the long stretch of highway. Or maybe more like down the country road to the corn field, because during harvest time, any time spent together counts as quality family time, even if it's in the cab of a tractor trailer! Roll on 18 wheeler....roll on!

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