Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 6

Day 6-USA

I technically still have two hours to meet my goal of blogging every day.  Yes, first thing in the morning would be best, but I’m full of good intentions and my days are full of a job and my nights are full of ball games and ninjitsu lessons and music lessons and laundry.  Let’s not forget the laundry.  So forgive me that I’m posting in the evening. 

Last winter, Justin traveled to China and India to learn about agriculture in other countries.  Today, on election day 2012, I am thankful to live on a farm in the USA. Each year on the Saturday before July 4th, our town has a huge celebration including a parade. Last year our family of five entered our miniature horse and cart.  Picture: little pony, little cart, 5 people, 104 degrees.  It worked out fine, but it was a little nerve wracking considering the horse had never seen the city limits.  Not to mention heard a siren or walked down a packed street with people waving flags and throwing candy.

This year the 4H group put together an entry.  This was the brain child of my oldest.  She kinda likes pigs.

4h edit

Our friends like goats, but that was too hard, so they decorated their golf cart USA/4H!

I4h edit

     And our Boy Scout Troop did too.Our Boy Scouts had an entry too.   What says USA more than a rack wagon full of toothy, sweaty boys sporting the Cub Scout Blues and waving flags? Those are my blondie boys in the middle.jace

We are proud to wave our flag in the Fourth of July Parade and we pray often for our country.  We pray for the future we are leaving for our children.  We pray that whatever man is elected as President, he is able to make wise decisions.  We are hopeful. We are a proud American Farm Family.


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