Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 10

Day 10-Rain, it's a love/hate relationship.

Today we are nearing the end of harvest.  Seriously, after this, things get a little more normal around here.  After they get the corn and beans out of the field, there is still work to be done to officially be done with harvest.

I do this big countdown of harvest, and I really ought to change my ways because I count down until the last soybean is in the hopper and then  I celebrate!  The happy dance, the dun-dun-dun-dun done song!  But every cotton pickin' year, my bubble is burst the very next day!  HARVEST ISN'T OVER until the field work is done.  That includes plowing, spraying for winter annuals and anhydrous application.  We finished my big hoo-ha harvest way, way back way in early October.  The guys are really hoping to push and finish up with all the field work and anhydrous ahead of the rain they are calling for tomorrow.  It's been about a month of post-harvest harvest activities.  That's almost as long as the official harvest of taking out the crops.  I mustn't forget about that next year!

To be brutally honest, I'm all done and ready for them to be done.  In true Monica form, I've petered out just a tad too early....:)

I've called Justin now like 4 times today, hoping somehow that the answer will change and he'll decide sitting on the couch with me or hanging some photos of the kids on the living room wall will suddenly take precedence over finishing harvest.  Silly me!  He has assured me that I will be fast asleep before he slips into bed tired from a 18 hour work day.  Sending him emonji texts full of silly icons has seemed to help pass the time.

They really, really want to finish up before the rain comes.  It will be a huge relief to have ALL of the field work done and behind us and then LET IT RAIN!

I almost can't contain myself.  We just need to finish up and be done.  The end of harvest means I GET TO SEE MY HUSBAND!  THE KIDS GET TO HANG WITH THEIR DAD!

If the rain comes early, they have to quit, but they won't be done= bad.  But then we get to see him early=good.  I don't want it to rain, I do want it to rain.  They want rain, then it's too wet.  We watch the weather like it's actually interesting!  I think my husband has 3 apps on his phone for the weather and is glued to it on the tv.
See what I mean by love/hate.  It's truly love/hate.  Our entire life revolves around rain and temperature and frost and forecast.  Our livelihood depends on it. Sweet rain! Danged rain!

Harvest 2012, you truly are almost behind us!

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