Thursday, November 8, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 8

Day 8-Sharing the love of the farm


Every year we have a celebration of harvest and a time to fellowship together with all of the guys that help us with harvest and all of their wives and kids.  The guys are NEVER all in the same place during the harvest season, as they each have their job and they are going many different directions at all hours of the day and night, tooling away to finish the work. 

We love getting everyone together and just hanging out for a few hours.  This idea came from a farm-wife/speech therapist friend of mine.  They have done a version of this celebration on their farm for years and we decided it was such a great idea, that we adopted it and adapted it to our style. 

This get-together not only is great for all of the families to meet each other (as our crew changes a little each year) but we hang out and laugh and reminisce about the hard work and the long hours and the funny stories that are bound to happen throughout the season.  Another little part of the dinner is the opportunity to share our farm and the love of the farm life with the kids of the guys that work for us.  You know, John Deere Love isn’t just for traditional farm folk.  John Deere Love is everywhere! Good heavens with the number of true farm kids these days, poor old Deere would be out of business!!  All little boys (and girls in our case) light up when they see the traditional green and yellow!

file5123These photos are from several years ago when we went all out!  We had a take home craft of corn and bean “sand art” and we made a farm coloring book (orange) that was personalized to our farm.  We also showed the beloved movies “All About John Deere” on a little TV.    file5118 The hit of the night was the kiddie pool full of corn and scooping toys.  Kids young and old spent a lot of time in this area!file5119This is kind of an awful picture of these two normally adorable kids.  I had to include it because it shows their FARM PRIDE.  We made them logo coats for the night and they proudly wore them and shared their farm life with all the farm loving kids that have shared  their daddies with our farm for awhile during the harvest season!  This is my niece and daughter when they were a few years younger. muwah!file5122   

We are getting ready to have another Harvest Celebration and I will post some pictures of that.  The kid corner probably won’t be as extensive, but we are sure to have a great time.  Our family is so incredibly thankful for all of our hard-working guys that make harvest possible.  There is no way my hubby, his brother and their dad could bring in the crop and do the fall work all by themselves and we are so thankful for our guys and their families! 

Have a wonderful day and county your blessings! 

Feel free to comment….I have it set to moderate the comments, which is a little bit of a pain, but I thought that would be a good way to get started.  I know from emails and comments “in town” that people are reading and I would love to hear your stories of farm love and blessings.  Thanks for reading!


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