Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 19

Day 19-Baby Daddies and Dilly Bars

You know what really rocks on this farm?  It’s the same thing that really stinks on this farm.  We can be TOGETHER ALOT, if we want to.  Sometimes this is utter perfection, sometimes we need our space. But, I’m a together type gal!

Mama loves that I can take my babies to the field or out to the shop at any time to see their Baby Daddy.  There are really very few exceptions to this rule.  One of those is when he is doing anhydrous ammonia.  It’s a little dangerous, pressurized gas at below zero temps.  But other than that, usually there is a spot for one or two kiddos almost anywhere he goes.

This is especially true if the kiddos come wielding a Dilly Bar or Blizzard.

The stinky part is, Baby Daddy is ALWAYS working.  Always in a field, in a tractor, in a bin, in the shop, in a semi.  It’s a rarity that he is hanging with the fam on the couch watching Duck Dynasty Marathons. 

But it’s our life, and we love it, and that’s all that matters. 

ask a farmer

Because farming requires such nutso hours and because the hubs is a serious worker, when baby number three came along, (I like to say, when I got knocked up AGAIN.)  Isn’t it way more colorful when put like that?  Anywhoo…I quit my full time job in town to be the go-to, the chauffer, the taker of the baby to the field, the follower-arounder as Daddy works and carries baby.  It’s my job and it works for me (though somehow I think I may eventually miss that Teacher Retirement System thing.)

I never got to really hang with my dad at his big desk with the stylin’ phone.  I didn’t play under his desk for hours.  I didn’t run around his office, kickin’ it on my skateboard like my boys did tonight. I didn’t bring him Dilly Bars. 

Farming is a lifestyle and we’re bound determined to make the most of it! 

ps-Baby Daddy will give rides in the combine or tractor or semi to almost anyone wielding a Dilly Bar or Snickers Blizzard, so if you find yourself cruising the country, hankering for a spin in some big equipment, swing through the DQ first!


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