Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on a Family Farm-Day 26

Day 26-Party It Up on the Farm

So…..I am going to write two posts today!  No surprises here, I got myself a little overbooked and let the moments get away from me yesterday and I chose to spend quality time with the kiddos in our little bit of an evening we had between practices, and activities.  So here goes.

Yesterday the hubs was up and going at the butt crack of dawn, taking advantage of the not-yet-frozen ground to install drainage tile. His brother and one of ‘the guys’ were out and about even earlier.  The hum of the diesel engines awoke me as they rolled out before the sun was up in an attempt at being the first in line at the elevator. (If left to me, I’d say let those crazies go first and roll in about 8:30 a.m. after stopping for some coffee and maybe a donut.) You’ll see a theme here in a minute…

My first goal of the day was to decorate for a birthday celebration out in our farm office.  You see, we celebrate every one of ‘the guys’ birthdays.  Even grown men and women like to be acknowledged on their birthday, right?!

So I made hubs a left-over turkey sandwich for his lunch box, put on a ball cap and sweatshirt to camouflage my pajamas and bed head and stumbled out to the office!

The irony of the Birthday Celebration starts here.  I was actually setting up a celebration for 1. Yes 1.  Our secretary, administrative assistant, book keeper (pick your own term) was working alone in the office yesterday, except for my occasional bop in and out.  But I wasn’t about to let her show up for work to a dark, cold office not adequately decorated for her special day!

The menu planned 3 days ago was vanilla yogurt, triple berry granola cups and cream cheese croissants accompanied by freshly brewed Folgers.  A very girly menu for the only girl employee on the farm.  And since all the crew was out and about early, we can eat like girls!

The decorations were merely a cutesy printout personalized for her day, but it was celebration none the less! I turned on the radio and lights, had the spread all laid out for her arrive and then came back to the house to get myself together.  Here’s the scene:


photo (2)

Ironic point number two for the day is we were one day too early on her birthday and have been celebrating it on the wrong day for the last 4 years.  Today she let the cat out of the bag.  I’m all for honesty, so I chuckled as I ate the deliciousness and had a cup of coffee, just another day of farm wifery! Geez… next year I hope to get it right, but it’s the thought that counts!  Happy Birthday!

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