Monday, November 5, 2012

Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 5

Day 5-A SHOP

About seven years ago we got a ginormous gift.  Nope, I’m not talking about this adorable brown-eyed blondie. I’m talking about the opportunity to build a heated shop on our farm. At that time, I didn’t live on the farm, but lived 5 miles away in a little farm house that was away from all of the action, therefore I didn’t realize the gravity of building a heated shop. 

I had, on numerous occasions seen my hubs and his dad, laid out on the gravel under equipment.  I had seen them washing equipment in all sorts of weather.  I had seen them in the snow and cold have to do all kind of things that made me glad NOT TO BE  A FARMER!  Mostly because I hate the cold!  Don’t get me started on the horrible memories of sledding as a child.  Maybe my mom didn’t dress me right, but good gravy it was awful!  The guys however, never seemed to mind or complain.

I do know that when this shop was completed, their lives changed a great deal.  Now they can wash equipment in the relative heat of the shop, they can pull a semi over a big pit, go down the steps of the pit and turn the light on and work on the underbelly without frozen wrists or rain in their face or gravel in their hind ends. 

This shop is a game changer you could say.

They still have to work out in the elements, they still have to get wet and dirty and they still have to work long, hard hours, but at least some of their work can be done in a better environment and I know they are thankful for that. 


Now let’s get to the Farmer’s Wife part of this story… this shop has been a blessing to our family in many ways!  I mean, who can turn 5 and have a cowgirl party inside in the middle of a snowstorm in January?  My girl can!


We had hay bales and a pretend fire!  Twenty some kids were there with plenty of room to blow off some winter steam. Yee-to-the-haw! See that boy in the middle, with the adorable little Wrangler jeans on?  For the love, those cheeks!

 file4665  Her farmer dad and grandpa helped corral cowgirls and cut pink cake.  The steel workbench doubled as a gift table, the Snap-On chest was the coat holder.  It was a down right success of a party and we had 20 sweaty cowpoke after the hay treasure hunt and the roping contest! 

Because of the heated shop, each cowgirl even got a chance to ride…..a REAL LIVE PONY!  He’s a miniature horse actually, but they all called poor Shrinky Dink a pony and most giggled as they got a photo taken in front of the semi which doubled as a corn field backdrop. 


Since then, our shop has served as the locale of various other parties, dinners as well as middle of the winter campground and  bike racetrack.  It allows the kiddos to hang with their dad, uncle and grandpa while they are working.  It allows us a place to play a family pick-up game of basketball and it allows us to be together and enjoy our life here on the Family Farm, just a little bit more! 


Yee Haw for heated shops and pink ostrich crepe soled boots.  Life on the farm…just as it is!


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