Friday, November 2, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 2

Day 2-Abundance

“Yea, the LORD shall give that which is good; and our land shall yield her increase.” (Psalm 85:12)

As we are coming out of the harvest season here on our farm and I’m am sharing what I am thankful for, I just have to point out the obvious. I’m thankful for our abundant harvest. 

Year and year after year, farmers all over this world plant one little corn kernel that magically turns into 650-750 kernels. 

Let’s multiply for fun:

We plant roughly 36,000 kernels of corn per acre and we get 23,400,000-27,000,000 kernels of corn from harvesting that acre.




grain cart edit

To me, though I’ve been a farmer’s wife now for 14 years and have seen 15 or 16 crops years come and go, I am still in awe of that blessing. 

Semi load after semi load of corn is hauled out of the fields at harvest time.    Even on a low-yielding year like this year, it is still astounding that this occurs. Though much care is taken to ensure that the crop has the best conditions we can offer and the best care and protection we can provide, it’s nothing short of a gift from God that we are blessed with such abundance. I for one, am grateful. 

Monsanto (save the sighs) has set forth a general goal for corn producers to produce a national average of 300 bushel of corn per acre by 2030.  This is an attempt to keep up with the pace of our growing world population.  We need to feed this population in some way and agriculturalists all over the world are striving to meet this goal.  Equipment manufacturers are doing their part to produce equipment that reduces compaction and does the job faster and more efficiently.  Seed companies are continually working on seeds that are more resistant to pests, weather and soil conditions and produce higher yields.  Chemical companies are doing their part to produce chemicals that will increase yields and farmers are doing their part by researching and implementing the best practices to be used on their properties’ unique conditions in order to increase yields. 

My Farmer Husband (not FORMER Husband) takes this very seriously.  He feels a real responsibility to do his part in the plight for Food, Fuel and Fiber.    With a passion like that paired with blessings unfolding each year in front of our eyes, how can we not feel thankful to live on a family farm?


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