Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 21

Day 21-Crazy Boyz Down on the Farm

Confession time: I’m a girl, my sister is a girl and I wasn’t so used to ‘boy stuff.’  When I had a little girl of my own, I knew just what to do with her.  I was pretty confident in all the regular stuff like changing diapers and what to play with her and what stuff to buy her and all of that jazz.  When she started the squeal and run and giggle and scream stage, I could relate, when she started the princess stage, I knew that one too.  Well, then I had a boy!

Boy oh boy, boys are different!  First off the diaper thing was (say it with me now)….AWKWARD!  What came next was a little like the diapering, “what the heck am I supposed to do with THAT!” Wrestling, fighting, kicking, jumping, bouncing, climbing and generally moving constantly. 

The boy isn’t hyper, he is just a for real, genuine boy!  These photos are from a spontaneous wrestling match that broke out on a trip to The Great Pumpkin Patch.  These other two boys belong to my life-long friends, Missy and Stephanie.  We all have 3 kiddos spaced just about the same.  These three are the “middle boys.” Oh gracious these boys are our challenges!  They are three strong kids and they get together and SHAZAM, it gets crazy! 


We just had to let them wrestle a little to see where it was going to go (not that we didn’t know already, but it was kind of fun to see.)


On and on it went.  Looks like my boy was getting a smack down from Carson while Preston enjoys the show. 


So much for all of those ninjitsu lessons we pay for and haul him to each week.  I may need to talk to our Sensei Paul-Son about his application of those ninja moves.  By looking at these photos, the boy needs to loose a rank belt! 


Just kidding, he CAN put the smack down on, but he’s a sweetie and not so aggressive!  He says he was just cracking up at Carson.  We all do that, cuz Carson is a crack up! Carson on the other hand….well, he’s got this one!  He’s used to wrangling sheep around the show ring and Preston (in brown) is a steer jock at age 8!  Farm boys rollin’ it at the Patch!

Love these boys and all the craziness they bring to our family outings! 


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