Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on the Family Farm-Day 15

Day 15-Raise your hands for concession stands

This post is really more about family than family farming.  But, we are a family first I guess.  Tonight we had another basketball game to attend.  I am thankful for ALOT of things about basketball games  in our little town. 

1. Great kiddos playing hoops!  I love to watch the girls play their little hearts out.  They seem like big 6th graders as they are chatting it up over pizza in your kitchen, but put them out there on the court and they look like babies.  Wahhhhh, I miss those babies! 

2.  Great parents in the stands.  In our town, games are a little social time for us parents.  We have the best time hanging out cheering on our kiddos and talking about Thirty-One parties and fertilizer and all that jazz.

3. Grade school “thugs” in the lobby.  Our school has two gyms and the little brothers and sisters all meet and hang in the lobby.  Tonight, a game of chase was going on our there with poor Miss Harrison watching on while taking money.  Miss Harrison, if you read this, please text me next time these thugs are partying it up unsupervised by their socializing parents.  We can surely stop our conversations on Thirty-One bags and fertilizer to take care of our little thugs!  Sorry!  That 8 and under sect is a wild one…:)

4. Concession stands!!  Who can resist popcorn and a pop, even if we did JUST eat a nutritious meal of gas station pizza and fried chicken.  The good ole’ FFA gets at least $5 out of us at each game!  Thanks for the snacks!

Thankfully we have MANY years of ball games in those gyms, like 15 more years of it, and I’m thankful for every one!

I’ll be missing posting tomorrow, because I’ll be BUSY having a little bit of Mommy Fun!  But will post twice on Saturday!  I’ve got some wonderful things to share in the next few days about Farm Family Thankfulness so stop back by! Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear what you are all thankful for in the comments section. 


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  1. I thrive on the 8 and under section. I love crazy :)


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