Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness on a Family Farm-Day 28

  Day 28-Farm Kids and Their Love of Animals

New born kittens are a regularity on our farm.  These are from the newest litter.  11.12 kitties

Note: white fluffy kitten, days old, eyes not open yet

Note: sticky, terrified toddler

11.12 beau scared kitty

We worked with the kittens and the toddler.  We made progress.  Sigh of relief for the future of our farm.  If our little farmer is afraid of white fluffy kittens, the future may be bleak for our operation.  Farming ain’t for the weak of heart.  You gotta be tough.  You can’t be scared. Scared of grain marketing, maybe.  Scared of kittens, not okay.

11.12 beau kittens smile

  Now that’s more like it!

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Want to follow along and learn more about farming and food? Click on over to 30 Days on a Prairie Farm Series.


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