Saturday, November 3, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness-Day 3

Day 3-HELP!!!

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We have THE BEST people that help us on our farm.  I am so incredibly thankful for the crazy hours they put in to harvest and plant the crop and to do all the junk in between.  Yes, they get paid for their hours, but it’s an insane time commitment to work with this family and I’m glad we have such a great crew that chooses to come back year after year.  I just may have to post about some more of them in the days to follow.  This is the photo I came to first, so you win boys.

Now these two, I’m especially thankful for.  These two are my brothers.  It’s so incredibly nice for the Green Family to take them on and let them work here on our farm and you know what…they get to do WHATEVER THEY WANT, because they go with me, which makes them family!matt and andy edit

IF YOU BELIVIE the above, you would not be the first.  These two guys are life long friends of my husband.  They grew up here in our small town with the hubs.  THEY ARE NOT MY BROTHERS.  Several years ago there was a rumor going around within the crew that they were my brothers and that’s why they got their dinners first or something like that.  We all have chuckled about this mishap for several years now.  When you are around these two, you are ALWAYS chuckling about something, anything actually. They are really sumpthin’! They are one of a kind (well, two of a kind.)

These two actually are brothers, if you haven’t noticed, they are twins.  They both have off farm jobs and pretty hefty civic duties in our town.  Let me brag a minute about my bros…one is Mayor and one is Park Board President. Somehow they find time on weekends and weeknights during the busy season to help us farm.  They love to work and their kids do too! One of their sons knows more about our semi line-up than I do (though that’s not really anything to brag about) but this kid is really schooled in the world of Heritage Farms Semi fleet! I’m very thankful for the relationship our family has with these two and their families!

Sometimes family isn’t defined by blood, but by love!  Love ya Bros!

(That looks really weird in print. Let’s try it this way)…thanks guys for being great guys with great wives and fantastic kids that we can’t imagine life without.  

Geesh, sappy, but it’s a thankfulness post right?  I’m thankful.


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