Saturday, October 22, 2011


Snapped from a phone camera, but lovely indeed.  This is dry corn being loaded into a semi to be taken to the elevator where it is sold. This is how the farmer gets paid!  Yeah!  Sometimes we put corn that is a little moist into our bins and use these enormous fire breathing dragons to push air through the bins and to dry the corn.  I’m positive that isn’t how my husband would explain it.  I am sure my explanation is more fun though.  Someday, I’ll get a good picture of those dragons when they are running and post it.  There are three on top of each other and at night when they are all fired up, it is freaky.  Freaky, fire, loud! 

Farmers can also take their moist corn to the elevators and have them dry it.  They have to pay the elevator to do that though, so it cuts into profits.  We have to pay to dry it too and propane isn’t cheap, but it must be cheaper than the elevator… I’m guessing.  Also, it allows us to make our own hours and not be constrained by the elevator hours.  Sometimes we want to keep harvesting and the elevator people want to go home after a 12 hour day and have 2 hours of a life.  Well, we don’t roll like that.  During harvest, we have no life…right girls!!?  We call ourselves Harvest Widows for a reason! 


You can see the steam rolling out of the dryer from behind these bins as the sun is setting and the grain is moving.  Beautiful.  There’s a theme to this blog I am noticing.  Beautiful.  That’s it. Beautiful bounty. sunset bins

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