Wednesday, March 22, 2017

He Misses Out

Babies of the family have miss out on alot of stuff!  The first two kids in our family were in soccer, piano, ninjutsu and dance by the time they were four or five.  This boy here...only summer t-ball.  That is it.  He is old enough for 4H and Cub Scouts and could probably start in piano lessons any day now.  But because he is the baby, he has to miss out.

 Before I get to feeling too badly and make you feel bad for him, and heaven forbid when he is older and reads this, I want to clarify.  He doesn't miss out on a darn thing!!!  Not a thing.

Yes, he doesn't get to do many of his own structured activities, but he does get to do cool things like work concession stands, hang out through praise band rehearsals, watch his siblings in various sporting events and learn so much from watching them and emulating them.

He is a happy boy and he makes us all so very happy too.  While working a track concession stand, he took a little break.  He came back into the building with this beautiful rock collection.  Gorgeous.  Thoughtful. Creative.  In his own little way.

 These were all in the pocket of his sweatpants.  Don't ask me how they didn't fall down around his tiny little hips under the weight of all of these rocks, but he managed to keep them up!

I'm a lucky mommy to have a kid that helps our his family an me so cheerfully, and even finds the magic in the rocks beside the concession stand.  

We somehow managed to leave all of these in the landscaping, but we did end up coming home with a Sour Patch Kid box and a box from Rice Krispie Treats.  Why?  Because they are "SO COOL MOM!"  Whatever makes him happy.  It's not all about the structured activities.  Sometimes it's in the littler things.

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