Friday, August 26, 2011

A Beast on the Loose

These two are our welcoming crew.  When visitors come here, these two don’t often miss them.  They are buds, stuck together like peas and carrots, carrots and peas.  They aren’t big barkers, but they sure can chase a mean buggy.  Poor, poor Amish buggies that pass our house a million times a day get a little escort from these guys, especially the big one.  I wonder what the occupants of the buggies must have thought the first few trips by when we first got that big guy.


We got him as a full grown boy.  We thought long and hard about getting a new dog.  I got a hankering for a new dog one Saturday morning and drove two hours the next day to pick up this beast.  You can’t tell it from here, but he is 145 lbs and on his hind legs, he is taller than a grown man.  I enlisted my poor dad to go pick up this monster with me in a van.  When the owner let him off the chain he had to stay on, he was a runner and a bit on the hyper side.  In case you didn’t know, hyper + 145 lb + paws the size of dinner plates=a nervous new owner.  He, right off scratched my dad and made his arm bleed with those enormous claws and then continued to run and run and run! No so good I’m thinkin’.

The previous owners were very concerned that we had enough space for this guy to run.  I tried to convince her over the phone that we were good.  She was emphasizing the importance of this, until I sent her a photo that was taken from a plane.  Then she KNEW we were a fit!  I understood why she felt that way once we saw him in action.


Remember that two hour drive I told you about, it suddenly seemed like a 200 hour drive with a dog like that loose in the van! Needless to say brother calmed down after the first half hour or so, but that head was a bit intimidating as he rode the whole time right between the driver’s and the passenger’s seat.  That head, THAT HEAD is no joke WAY bigger than a basketball!  Cesar, as they called him, rode steadily all the way home, roosted in the middle of us, heads in line.  He was good as gold and has been since the day he arrive here on the farm. 


He spends his time following us around, licking the baby’s face, trying to sit our laps and sleeping.  Lots and lots of sleeping! 


The boy hasn’t been one minute of trouble.  He’s loyal and protective.  He’s good with the kids, but will make a grown man think twice before entering our yard.  That’s our boy! 


They love to play in the ditches on a warm summer day.  Hi guys! 



But they can be a little camera shy! 


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