Thursday, August 11, 2011

Speaking of Tampa in the Winter…

This is the babe.  He’s a cutie, no?  Look at those eyes.  He looks like his dad, except those eyes!  The big kids were in school when we went to Tampa to the Commodity Classic last year.  But this little man went with his mama. and his dada.  The Guys all came with us, Brother-in-Law and Father-in-law and Mother-in-law too!  They went to meetings and seminars.  This little guy was my ticket to the wander and explore and hang in the hotel and watch movies!  Sweet! DSCF3365  

The area we were in was near this cool trolley.  Since we had not ridden one before we took a VERY quick ride.  Dear Brother-in -Law urged us to put in our quarters and after I think $5.00 worth of quarters, we rode a block or two before we had to get off to have a meeting with the rest of the crew.  We do that alot.  Have meetings.  Always planning and discussing.  I guess that is what makes a family farm work!



Isn’t this beautiful?  Craftsmanship baby!


This guy sits near the spot we exited the trolley.  The Babe was a bit scared of this realistic looking guy.  I got that way too after inspecting it and torturing the babe a little by sitting next to him.  We have fun how we can.  Remember, the others were meeting.  I was meandering!


See…they meet.  I meander.  It works for us.  See the tongue work there on the Father In Law?  That’s a familial trait.  Big Brother has it too.  It means they are working hard or concentrating.  I love it.


The babe and I had drinks outside one evening.  It was a nice outside bistro place.  He had milk.  I had diet coke.  I live on the wild side.  The rest of the crew socialized with other growers from around the country.  DSCF3369


Isn’t it beautiful?  No corn there, but alot of talk about corn! 



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