Thursday, August 25, 2011


See him, way, way over there in the distance?  That’s our crop sprayer!  It is so cool to see him coming and to see just how close he gets to us!  Beware, this post has lots o photos! 


I’ve never met the guys who actually fly these planes.  According to Hubmeister, they are from Charleston, Il. 


I wonder if his wife is a nervous wreck when he leaves the house every morning.  Yikes! Look out for the power lines!


You should know, the only thing injured in the taking of these photos and the spraying of this corn was….fungus.  Eww….


How low can he go?  I love the white wisp behind him.  At one time, I kind of wished MY husband was a crop duster, or a bull rider, or a roper.  I encouraged him a little.  He’s got the build for the bull rider…long legs!  But, his career in either of these occupations just fizzled out.  Bummer.  Guess a farmer he’ll be! 


This summer when the crop duster was spraying another field, there were 4 neighbor boys camped out on their roof, getting a better view!  We do what we can to bring excitement to the neighborhood.  A bounce house would have been cheaper, but….




And there he goes for another round.  Who said life on the farm, 30 minutes from a major shopping area was boring? Not I!

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