Monday, July 23, 2012

Boots for all Occasions

I'm guessing if you are reading this, you are either my Dad, my husband's Grandma or my daughter's friend Meredith.  My readership is relatively small I am sure:)  

So you probably already know this, but I rocked a pair of blue ostrich double stitched cowboy boots with my wedding dress 14 years ago.  I was so excited the day I ordered them from the Nocona Boot salesman that called on us at Circle H!  I loved working there and treated it like it was my very own store.  My heart still works there! Buying these boots even at wholesale cost was a big investment for me.  Sadly, after three kiddos, these size 61/2s don't even come close to fitting me anymore.  Neither do all those teeny tiny jeans I used to wear. sigh!

A Farmer's Trophy Wife is giving away a pair of boots over at her blog!  Hurry, hurry and enter to win them!  It's super easy and the boots are wicked cute!  


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