Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Entertain Kids In the Summer et al

Wow, it has been HOT HOT HOT!  I can't even tell you how many 90-100 degree days we have had here and how little rain we have actually had on our home farm.  We farm in several areas around our home farm and some of them have had more rain than others.  However, right here on the home farm it's almost a joke.  Home farm, home farm, home farm.  Ha. My 11 year old daughter said yesterday as she gazed at the dark blue sky to the north, then 30 minutes later, to the east "it's almost like it's trying NOT to rain on us on purpose!"  So true.  Thirteen miles away, my brother -in-law got over an inch on Saturday!  Here....just enough to wet the walk.  

I am sure the hubinizer knows just how much rain we have had here in the last month exactly.  I'm just going to say, it taint much! In the hot sun, in the heat of the day, the field corn will curl a little like in this picture. It's kind of like us squinting our eyes, it just reduces the bright sun's influence.  

I am so positive the farmers reading this would not choose to describe it like this, but hey, it's my blog!  Our corn has been doing a lot of squinting these days.  Sadly, it's been focusing it's efforts on squinting and wiping sweat from it's brow and not putting much energy into growing full, healthy cobs full of juicy kernels.  We shall see, but some of the crop looks a bit iffy to say the least.  

On another matter, no matter the weather, this 1972ish golf cart is our number one go to entertainment around here.  This belonged to my husband's grandparents who used it to tool around their yard and pond.  We inherited it many years ago and it is a staple.  

My advice:  if it's feasible.  BUY ONE OF THESE BABIES FOR YOUR KIDS!  It's fairly slow, you almost can't tear it up (though we have done some damage over the years) and it's cheap to run.  

Just do it.

You'll see a lot of this baby on my blog.  I should name her.

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