Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Spy Farm Style

I spy with my little eye….

IMG 1270

What, what is that I spy?

IMG 1272   

This is my daughter's photos of our newest addition.  She is a dairy cross goat.  That means she is a mutt of sorts. She is a mix of two kinds of dairy goats.  Dairy goats are for producing milk.


IMG 1289

But, it's only fair to let you all in on a little-known factoid…..tuck it away, and some day, if you lead a very exciting life like I do (wink wink) you may be able to pull this information out and wow your friends at a dinner party.  Here goes:  a dairy goat doesn't just produce milk all the time.  She has to be bred to start producing milk, then once the babies are weaned, PEOPLE keep milking her and keep her body thinking that she has babies to feed, so it keeps producing milk.  Actually, when she has babies that are nursing, people can milk her extra times and make her produce more milk than her baby can use.  So did you know that?  The same goes for dairy cattle.  

IMG 1311    

Our girl's name is Cookie and  she was a twin to Cream.  We bought her from a friend of the family when she was just a "bottle baby."  Her mother wasn't able to care for the twins so she had to be fed with a bottle.  We bought milk replacer and mixed it with water and fed her every day. Aw…..I can hear you now.  So sweet.  Bottle babies are generally more attached to their humans, as you may expect.  We love Cookie, however, her attachment goes a little far for us on occasion.  She is ALLLLLLLL over us!  Case in point:

IMG 1320

"Naaaaaaaa, you can drive."


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