Monday, July 16, 2012

A Gajillion Nails

We are installing hardwood floors! Yeah!  
We have to tear out all of our old flooring. Boo Hiss.

The floor you see here is the third floor we are tearing out of our kitchen.  We had:
1. hardwood
2. linoleum
3. underlayment
3. this linoleum type stuff
4. black foamy, sticky yuck

This floor covering is very, very old.  Great Grandma who lived in this home for 40 years starting in the 40's doesn't remember this flooring.  So it is OLD!  
This flooring was what my kids' great great grandparents walked on.  Wow.  Call me sentimental, but that is neat history there.  

We also had to tear out carpet from what we call our great room.  The carpet was a breeze. After the carpet, we had to remove the underlayment.  Whoever built this house for the hubbinizer's grandma did a fab job.  They put more nails in that floor than I can fathom.   Each nail had to be pulled by hand.  We called in the troops and everybody started pulling nails.  Even Grandma MiMi. She's a trooper....
 Our Tack Strip man on the crowbar.  Eight year old destruction on the loose!
Seriously, it's 2012, and ramming a little claw-nosed crow bar under 25689300000 nails is the best plan we had?  Where is the inventor of the drill bit that digs these babies out with one pull of the trigger?  

This is the black-foamy-sticky-yuck that's left on top of the original wood floors. 

All the work will be worth it when the new floors are in! 

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