Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flowers In Her Hair

Throwback to ISF 2013 maybe?  Kids and livestock.  Makes me proud.  I didn't get to be a livestock kid much when I was growing up.  Showing a few goats at the McLean County fair is not exactly being part of it all.  

My kids on the other hand are getting to experience it all.  Rhode Brothers' Cattle are tied up in the barns at the Illinois State Fair.  The "Nine Is Fine" crew spend their time between the swine, cattle and sheep barns checking on a tending to their animals.  Bonding!

Show days tend to be staggered between the families.  Someone is almost always getting ready for the ring or showing.  So there is ALWAYS something to do.

Sometimes something to do looks like this.  

Back in the day, my girl like flowers in her hair.  Not anymore.  Fifteen year olds don't wear flowers in their hair in the show ring I guess.
But they do wear blingy belts still.  And they do wear those cute numbers on their blingy belts.
This was a gilt she was working with.  We got out of showing gilts for a few years after this show.  Hubs decided that we needed to focus on barrows.  Gilts are very different than barrows. 

Loving on the pigs.  Important part of the job.

Can you tell I like the little numbers and clips.  Some moms have make up and leotards.  I get exhibitor numbers and boots.  I'll take it.

Oh, and it was the year of sequined shirts.  She's going to love reading this post about all things from the past like:
1. sequined shirts
2. jeans that are a little too short with her boots (because of skinny butts and long legs!)
3. gilts
4. flowers in her hair

Illinois State Fair 2016, we are excited for you!!  We won't pack our hair flowers this time!

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