Thursday, May 26, 2016

You’d Forget Your Head If It Weren’t Attached

Ya'll know what this is called?  Yep a corn head.

Humor on the farm....corn head....not to be confused with a cheese head.
A cheese head seems so much more fun. Don't you think?

Our combines have precisely 2 choices of attachments.  CORN HEAD or BEAN HEAD.  Pick one but not both.

Here you can see that the combine is literally pulling it's own head.  Why does this make me smile?  They have a little deal called a HEAD CART.  It's just that.  A cart for the head.  Pull the head where your field is.  Unhook the head cart from behind the combine.  Drive the combine around to the side of the head cart and put your head on.  Then go about your business.


When you are done with the field and want to head home, Simply place your head on the cart. Unhook it.  Drive around to the front of the cart, hook it up and pull your head on home.

Farmers don't find this so silly and practical.  But I do.

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