Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our Tallest Friend...In the Whole World

Last summer we were blessed.  Last summer out of nowhere a Brazillian student at Murray State contacted us.  We took a risk. We didn't know him from Adam.  We didn't know anyone who knew him, but we decided to go for it.  We invited him to intern on the farm.  

It turned out wonderfully, Iago came to work on the farm all summer.  He didn't know alot about working on a grain farm.  His farmily, after all, had a small farm in Brazil where they have some animals and some fruits and vegetables.  No huge big green equipment.  No field corn. No soybeans.  They grow these amazing mangos!  WAY more fun than field corn!!

Iago had a little apartment in our little town.  He rode his bike to work.  He rode his bike VERY FAST to work almost every day.  Iago learned alot I hope last summer including farm stuff like weed control and planting and spraying and yields.  But he also learned some English vocabulary that he didn't have before!

The big part of the summer was, WE learned ALOT from Iago.  He was so good to the kids.  Our little one Beau still talks about Iago.  Iago was the tallest person he has ever met.  

This is a photo of Iago's last day before he returned to college in Kentucky.  It was a sad day for the family.  But how lucky are we that we have a forever friend on the other side of the world?

His farm in Brazil.  Maybe sometime we can go visit him.  Wonder if Beau will still think he is the tallest friend in the whole world?

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