Thursday, July 7, 2016

Chasing Tail

So, as I write the blog post for our farm, I have to hold myself back a little.  I can't just write whatever I want.  This here, this is MY BLOG and I can just be myself with my weirdo humor.  So on the other blog, I titled this post "Look to the Sky,"  My point over there was that it is fungicide season.  My point over here is....LOOK AT THAT CRAZY DOG chasing an airplane!
Some dogs chase their tails, some chase squirrels, some chase tennis balls.  Not mine....

Hank is a golden lab.  He is a nice mutt that isn't particularly a retriever, but more of a chaser.  He chases buggies and bikes ALL THE TIME.  The poor Amish people that have to drive by our farm, but now he has started chasing airplanes.   He isn't exactly a super smart dog either and maybe this is proof.

This is another behavior our beloved red head has that maybe alot of dogs do, but he is the first I have noticed.  He paces the rows of crops. 
 Up and down.
 Back and forth. 
Running and walking.
Dry and soaking wet.
Is this some kind of doggie psychological disorder?  We need a doggie phych eval out here stat ya'll!

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