Friday, July 29, 2016

Late Nights-Early Mornings and Anticipation

All year these kiddos have been working for something.  Looking forward to it.  Talking about it.  Planning for it.  Snapping about it. Anticipating it.....The Illinois State Fair 2016.

It's our little tradition to pack our trailers and trucks and campers and hotel rooms full of food and stuff, moms and dads and lots of kids.  And lots of food.  Did I say lots of food?  Lots of kids eat lots of food.  We set up shop at the Illinois State Fair!

Yes, it's about showing the animals that we have been working on.
Yes, it's the big crescendo before school starts.
Yes, it's fair food, and 4H milkshakes.
But a big part of it is these 9 kids right here and how blessed they are to have each other in their lives.

See, their moms have been friends for at least 167 years.  There dads were all AGRs (fraternity boyzzzzzz) and friends (2 at ISU and one U of I alum, but an AGR is and AGR:) 

  You see, this crew, we are deep and wide and long.  A win for one is a win for all.  Likewise a tough loss for one in the ring echos through the camp.

These kids rush from the cattle show ring to the sheep and over to the swine ring watching each other do their thing. Each willing to wash, carry or trim or lead the other's animal if needed.  Each loving each other in a genuine, unpretentious way that makes their mamas and daddies proud.  

Friends since birth.  Through thick and thin.


ISF 2016!!

(Sorry so sappy, I blame it on these photos we shot last year that keep popping up.)

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