Thursday, July 28, 2016

It's All Hanging Out There

Running Sports....I LOVE to watch them.  Most people don't, but I'm crazy like that.  

You know what's so great about running sports like track and cross country?  If you are into PC, close your ears---or eyes.  Running races are just all balls out.  Just pure, unadulterated, uncomplicated competition and grit.  This is my girl.  Grit is her middle name.  She runs the mile, two mile and 800. She's a tough cookie.  Tougher than me.  Don't tell her that.  Wait, it's probably pretty apparent to her by now....

This is my niece.  She ran the mile and 800. She really likes to run for fun.  Very cool to me, because, well I don't think running is fun, but I wish I did.

And this is my boy.  It was his first year in track.  He ran the 800 and the mile.  I love his enthusiasm and how he strives to improve each meet.  He loves to run too.  

This is my baby at a track meet.  He frequents the concession stand and hangs out under the bleachers with other track sibs and makes stuff out of scrap wood and old tires.  This is their dining table.

And last but not least, this is our exchange student daughter.  She ran some short races like the 200 and 100.  What she likes most about track is hanging with her friends at the meets.  I love that about her!

Now adays, lots of kids time themselves with watches.  Kids these days!

Now, if only I loved to run as much as I love watching these kiddos run the world would be perfect. Well, or if watching these kiddos run burned calories for their number one fan too. 

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