Friday, July 8, 2016

Remember His Goodness

Lately, I have spent alot of time appreciating WHERE God has planted my family and seeing the beauty all around us.  I guess I have been looking through new eyes, visitor eyes.  Maybe it is because we have had several visitors here on the farm in the last year, maybe it is because I'm getting to be "that age."  The age where you get all sappy.  But look at this this straight out of the camera photo of the flat lands of Illinois full of corn and bean beauty.

Each year my hubs plants millions of seeds, thousands, billions...technically not important here, and look what happens.  That there is God's grace for us. 

I can't deny the beauty of it all.  The lush green leaves contrasting with the deep black soil.  The new growth fertilized by the drying and dead remnants of last year's crop. Beauty.

Acres and acres, miles and miles of fulfilled promises on the backdrop of flat plains and far reaching blue skies. Beauty.

We don't have mountains or waterfalls or 1,000 lakes or rolling hills here in Central Illinois, but what we DO have is absolutely breathtaking....if you look at it with a thankful heart.

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