Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Good Mother


Meet Snowball.  Snowball is the best farm cat on the place!  And she has ALOT of competition.  It’s foggy as to how many cats actually live here, as we aren’t able to put the lovins on most of them.  But Snowy is different.  The girl is a love machine. 

Snowball is also a machine of a different sort.  She’s a kitten factory!  The girl has 2-3 litters every year.  The Guys do not appreciate her for that, but birthing three “kittens” myself, well the sister and I have some common ground. 

It’s probably high time Snowy gets her appointment with the Vet, but she keeps having the most delicious little white kittie cats.  I am a totally sucker for a white cat, or a black cat with long hair.  Not a single of those on the place though.  Her second to last litter was weird, if you are totally bored, let me tell you about it!


She did her normal end times routine of hanging in the garage and making me wish she was an inside cat.  And then sneaking in and lavishing herself on the carpet like a princess in a penthouse suite.  I can almost hear her every time….”ah the carpet, the possibilities the lushness, let’s roll and lay and stretch and lounge!”  Seriously folks.  I speak the truth.


Well she ended up with 4 kittens nestled appropriately (according to Hubster) in her birthing “room” aka tub, in the garage.  Things were amiss though.  The kittens were small and she was not!  She still looked pregnant.  I’m no cat OBGYN, but patient 2354’s womb was still occupied. 


Long story short, those four didn’t make it and she then had a single kitten, many, many, many days later.  This cat Dr was on call for a long shift!  Sadly, when the most precious WHITE, did you hear that? WHTIE kitten appeared, it only lived a few days as well.  Cat’s do weird things gestationally I think.


So after our po’ po’ babies loss, I couldn’t get her fixed!  And soon……she was “with child” again! 

Hang with me, this is a good one.  It has it’s ups and downs, tragedy and triumph……




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