Monday, July 11, 2011

Growin’ Corn

You will notice I totally love to use ellipses and I love to throw in the twang…growin’ for growing, eatin’ for eating, workin’ for working.  It just sounds better that way.  I don’t talk like that, well, actually I throw that in my speech occasionally just for fun.  I do alot of things for the fun of it.  I don’t have a southern accent (but I secretly wish my babies did!)


2.11 tampa ncga

These are the menfolk of the family.  They were in sunny Florida in the winter.  We don’t do Florida in the summer.  Dear Goodness I would melt.  I am positive of it.  The guy in the middle is not in our family.  But, we like him, we like him alot.  He helps us with our seed.  It’s a big decision.  My Main Squeeze makes these decisions along with his Dad.  They consult, they think.  He pulls the trigger. 

Last year our fertilizer guy (hmmm…aren’t you jealous now, we have a guy, a guy just for fertilizer) well he asked us to do a little test plot.  It was out by our house in a field I can see from my living room.  They threw everything they had at that little plot.  They cared for it and  fertilized it and treated it just so so and they talked to the corn…nah, but they did tons of stuff to that plot!  Careful calculated stuff here.  If a farmer did all these things to every acre he farmed, well, he’d be broke.  Well our guy urged my Hubs to enter into a contest about corn yields with this little section of land.  So, being the guy he is, he did. 

Imagine how shocked we were when our Seed Guy (that’s him, the big dark haired dude) called and said we won the contest for our state.  OUR… STATE!  Seriously, we won the highest yield for corn in our state last year.  Crazy.  So we got to go to Florida in the winter (did you hear my heart pitter patter) to accept the award.  Rock on! 

I’m not really one to brag, but this was seriously cool and since it was a totally a freak thing and we totally weren’t really expecting to win, somehow I don’t feel like it’s tooting our own horn. ( I do think the guys do a great job on our farm and I am so thankful and respectful of the work they do though.) Toot Toot!

2.11 ncga

See, they even let us women folk get in the photo opp.  They’re cool like that. 

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