Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Little Brown Bag


The Little Brown lunch Bag….not!  Humungous white bag. Last year was the first year we used one of these ginormous, I mean ginormous bags to store our corn as it was harvested out of the field.  Forgive me for the lack of technical details when it comes to farm equipment.  This thing is seriously cool!  Of course, I’m not so up on the latest and greatest when it comes to this stuff, so I was just pretty amazed when I saw one of these babies for the first time.


See there, there are two extremely long tubes, filled with field corn, fresh out of the well, field. The person that thought of this is a flat genius I tell ya.  Why didn’t my hubbster think of this, he and his brother farm together and they are always “customizing” stuff and well, maybe they’ll invent something else wonderful someday. 



That’s buncha corn peeps!   See how they put the corn right in a little hopper that deposits in right into the bag.  The bag kind of crawls along the field and gets longer and longer and longer as they add corn.

See that tractor in front of the auger?  Nobody drives it.  How cool!  It is somehow pushed along by the hopper?  Maybe? Maybe this is where my imagination takes over for lack of real knowledge.  But the tractor runs the PTO that makes that hopper shove the corn into the bag.  Sweet! 

Our poor, poor truck drivers.  When this is going on, they get to hang out a little and supervise instead  of feverishly running to dump their load and get back before the combine has to stop cause it’s brimming.  Insert note here, a combine stopping in the field is a big NO NO.  I mean serious game changer here folks.

Copy (2) of IMG_1524

I showed up just at the right time.  This is a rare scene, more than one guy NOT driving something and hanging out to eat.  The guy in the cowboy hat?  He is my favorite guy to bring supper to.  I’ve been known to call him after he has left the farm and he comes BACK to get his food.  Warms my soul.  Don’t know why.  Just a nice guy! The other guy is my FIL.  He’s a nice guy too.  I like to feed him , but not as much as Cowboy!


Copy (2) of IMG_1522

Speaking of chow time.  This is the chow wagon a few times a week for our crew.  See, if I drove a cool car, not a not-so-cool vxx.  Then it wouldn’t function so well as a buffet.  I can’t even type it….vxx, best I can do.  Think today was something gourmet like hotdogs and mac-n-cheese. But I have never heard a complaint!

Copy (2) of IMG_1542

Back to the bagger.  This is the auger coming from the auger wagon pulled by it’s own tractor, getting ready to put corn into the hopper of the bagger. 

Copy (2) of IMG_1538

A better view of this contraption. 


Copy of IMG_1523

You can kind of tell how big the bag is in this one. I should add, that last year we rented a bagger from another farm family that we are friends with in our area.  But this year, she’s mine all mine!  We got our own.  It was an exciting day when she was delivered.  I will post on that later. 

I just started noticing these bags last fall.  Maybe they are just new to us here in these parts.  So, have you seen these in the fields in your area? 

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