Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It’s What They Do

It’s a normal everyday thing in these rural parts.  A shiny John Deere driving through the farm lot.  This tractor is new to our farm.  Well, it’s just plain new, but it’s also new here.  He’s kinda little, comparatively.  I think he’s cute. He’s a whipper snapper of a green machine. 


But today is special.  It’s practice day!  Practice what?  Well, it’s time to start serious training up of The Boy. 


You have to pull your weight around here son.  Starting in the first grade!



See in there, that tractor is being driven by my Little Guy and the Baby is along for a joy ride!


The concentration is fierce.  Fierce I tell ya. 

IMG_4483It’s serious business you know.  The laps around and around the house.  Through the farm lot they go.  If it isn’t obvious by the pale and pasty skin and the bare trees, not to mention the black dirt peeking through in those field…well this was actually a few months ago.  Errr….several months ago.


I’m a little weird, but just look at those guys.  Adorable!  So many similar features…look at their mouths.  Same stinkin’ expression.  Aren’t genetics freaky cool? 


This one looks like he is alone in the tractor…at the wheel!  Yikes!


Around and around and around….  It’s how we roll!

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