Friday, July 8, 2011

Maiden Voyage

My first post.  It’s been a long road of researching that has finally brought me to here.  I have looked at thousands of blog posts and analyzed hundreds of blogs to decide how I want this one to go.  Typical me. 

Let’s dive right in with my first post about life here on our farm.  Just how it is!

It’s 4H Fair week here.  We have 2 piggies at the fair.  Piggies makes it sound sweet and cute.  That, they ARE NOT!  They are big and muscular and loud.  My baby is a bit  a whole buncha sceered of them.  I think he’s totally justified there.  


The Big Girl, now, that’s a different story.  She is all about them hogs!  She is as serious as a heart attack about her 4H projects.  Who knew (I sure as heck didn’t) that pig showing involves daily walking and bathing of the pigs.  I can’t even say I even take a walk every day, but those pigs do! 


The my Big Guy isn’t yet able to show in the 4H fair, but next week he’ll make his debut with his piglet at the Open Show!  He isn’t quite as driven, but a bunch more laid back then his older counterpart!  


Seriously, though, 4H rocks. We did projects on art, tractors, sportsfishing, soil, pre-flight and laundry picking up, just kiddin’ on that laundry one, but we sure could use a little lesson or two on that one!  I have learned a ton, and my hubbinator got to do a few out of the box things too.  Like, reading a tractor owner’s manual with his young daughter.  I mean, who does that?  No one! Unless you have a project due at the fair in a week.  So, thanks 4H you are da bomb! 

A few 4H fair photos for ya….


 What do you need to know about fishing?  She’s gotcha covered.


What do you need to know about space buggies made from paper plates and hot glue and a bunch of dirt and sweat?  He’s got you covered! I mean, he is covered. 


And what does a baby do at the 4H fair you may ask?  Get filthy as a piggie!

Thanks for taking the time to read about our full little life here on the farm!

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