Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bring It On Home

This here, is what we do.  We started the day before yesterday.  It’s a big deal.  Trust me.  A VERY big deal.  I like to call it Opening Day.  The excitement is palpable.  People are giddy with excitement, the place is a hopping!  Okay, giddy with excitement doesn’t exactly describe a bunch of farmers, but you get my point.

8.11 harvest

Harvest time really is a big deal, it’s when the fruits of our labors are counted and tallied, semi load by semi load.

8.11 harvest 5    

Just in case you are a farming newbie…there are two combine there, they dump into that tractor that has an auger wagon attached to it.  They are talented folks!  They dump into the auger “on the go!”  It’s a bit of a sin around here for the combine to stop much.

The auger to the semi, the semi to bin or elevator for storage.  That’s how we roll!


Happy Harvest season all!

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