Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beastie Boys

We have a joke here in our family.  It’s about head size.  Bigger heads, melon heads, pumpkin heads, etc, etc, run in the family.  This is the oldest boy, his head is LARGE and in charge.  “Big Head, Little Hole” was our joke when he was little and I was always cramming his melon into those cute little baby shirts. 


Well, he has met his match mister!  BZ (his name is really Cesar, but he doesn’t answer to that) BZ must have been the previous owners’ kid-slang for Cesar.  Anyhoo, BZ wins the big noggin’ contest here.  Hands down!


I love this blurry, fuzzy impromptu picture of the Boy and Beast.  They are pals.


Beastie Boys! Holla! Woof!

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