Monday, September 26, 2011

The Big One That Didn’t Get Away

Our Oldest Boy got a special treat this year.  It is a sort of right of passage.  A newish tradition in the family.  When the kids get to be “a certain age” (like the age they are not in diapers and ready for the trip,) they get to go with their grandparents for a few days to their cabin in Canada.  A few years ago our oldest daughter took her turn. This year was HIS year!  He traveled up north with just MiMi and PaPa. 

(Something I love about this boys is, he only took PaPa’s ipad.  That’s it, that’s enough entertainment for the 15 hour ride in a truck!)

In this family, it’s a long running tradition to vacation at these two small cabins on a an island is southern Ontario Canada. My kids are the fifth generation to do so.  The beauty of this place doesn’t come from the lavish accommodations or the 5 star restaurants, but from the sheer beauty of the land and the lake and from the act of doing the same activities as so many generations before have done. 


7-11 jace big fish

The fishing was great this year.  This is a northern my boy reeled in. 

He is shown here with our number one lake guide, my FIL.  He is the third generation of his family to call this place his home away from home.  He takes our friends and family all over to experience the grandeur  the lake has to offer.  The fishing, hiking, site seeing and history of the lake are astonishing and he has a passion for sharing it with others.  He especially wants to instill in our kiddos the same love for the lake that he has.  (p.s. I think it’s working.)

Our oldest boy had an absolute blast with his grandparents this summer.  Don’t think he missed us a bit.  The feeling wasn’t mutual, but the experience for him was well worth mama’s lonesome heart. 

That proud little smile makes it all worth it! Great catch!

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