Friday, September 30, 2011

A Poem About Friends

A friend of mine, her hubs drives a truck.

Because of this, I had the luck,

To meet and to have much,much fun.

Grocery shopping was our first run.

Coupon queens before it was so cool.

The kids all go to our little school.

This friend of mine is so very nice.

She helped me get control of my spice.

(cabinet that is.)


I’m no poet, but we sure did have fun organizing my cabinet.  Does that make us boring?  Welp, tis what it tis!



We have a Amish Bulk Food store in our area.  It is called Beachy’s Bulk Foods.  I love it.  Something I love is ANYTHING in bulk.  Sams Club is my happy place by the way.  Beachy’s sells any spice you could want, in bulk, for cheap.  So I have lots of spices to organize.


We butcher our own pork.  So I had to get every pork seasoning they have.  Which is 4: maple, Italian, mild and smoked.


My nice friend made fun of my home spray.  The stuff smells great when you burn food and need to hide the smell.  Like today!  I burned the corn I was feeding the field crew. Blech! Stink! Room spray to the rescue.  Then it smells like grandma’s kitchen full of oatmeal cookies.  See, I’m a realist.  I need room spray. (as a side note, I got a text from a very nice guy that works for us driving an auger cart.  He liked my burned corn. Or…..maybe he felt bad for me:) 


So now, my room spray along with my play dough making oils have a nice organized place to be in my spice cabinet.

And the world is a good place.  Thanks to my friend.

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