Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Love A Rainy Night

It was a bit drizzly here the other night, so one would think that we would have a cozy family night, where the guys get out of the field early and snuggle on the couch eating popcorn and drinking iced-tea.  Well, let’s just say, that is one of many-a little dream I had to let go of when I married into this family (God love em.)  Because that is SO not what happens around here.


The drizzle did bring harvest to a halt, but then instead of heading for showers, these guys blew and greased and cranked and adjusted till the cows came home.  the line up








Had to sneak in one of Baby Boy.  He’s a farming nut.  jd, bm

Enough of the 1960’s photos.  This is Aaron and Luke, they are our number one auger cart drivers.  You gotta be good to drive a huge tractor next to a moving combine and 1) not spill grain and 2) not swap paint.  I should point out, I have NEVER EVER been asked to drive an auger wagon.  Wonder why?


Hi Aaron, smile a little next time um kay?  He really is a nice guy:)


Hubs’ brother is a combine operator. He’s like the King on his throne.  It’s the only place to be during harvest.  Each night these puppies get blown off to prevent accidental fires.  They also get their windows washed, to prevent accidental……well, I guess just to be tidy.


During the taking of these pictures I almost had a little freak out.  I committed a sin, I climbed on the combine to snap a quick pic and BIL started it up.  Man this mama can run and jump like the dickin’s if need be!  Good to know. 

So much for the cozy, rainy night in front of a fire.  Actually, I promptly went in, ate a bowl of ice cream and crawled into bed.  They can grease, blow and adjust all they want.  I’m more a comfy pants, take advantage of the opportunity to be lazy kind of girl myself.  Somehow I knew I never really did fit in around here.

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