Friday, September 2, 2011

Guess The Combine Part

For some of you this will be easy, for others, well, not so much.  See if you know what these parts of the combine are.  I took these pictures when the baby and I went to visit the guys in the field yesterday.  It was an absolute lovely day here and they were taking corn out of a field near the house.    The baby and I were out putting in some sweat equity hanging out with the guys  :) and took a few weird shots.  Did you catch that sarcasm?


Answer: A window to the “hopper.”  This is where the corn goes after it goes through the combine.  IMG_7664

Answer: Corn Head.  These are the tine thingies that lead the combine.  They are mean.  Don’t go near them, they’ll gobble you up!IMG_7663

Answer:  Deck in between corn head and combine.  It gets a little piled with husks.  They always blow these off before tucking the combines in at night to prevent fires.


Did you get them all right?  I hope you did!  If not, well then maybe you learned something new. 


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