Saturday, September 24, 2011

Combine View


Here is the other third of our operation…my sister and brother in law.  What a nice couple.  She loves to golf.  He loves her, so he golfs with her.  If I were guessing, I’d say it isn’t too much of a hardship for him:)  But I hear that she is quite a good golfer!  She’s got the clothes for it.  That’s as far as I get into the golf judging.  You look good girl!  lee-and-cory 

These days there is no golfing with your loved ones, no shopping at the mall, no hanging out and eating junk food on a Saturday night with the fam.  Well, unless it rains, then you can eat all the craptastic food you want.  These days, my brother-in-law just does this….

auger from combine 

Up and down or maybe back and forth.  Cut it, dump it, keep it going.  I’m guessing he does this for at least 14 hours on an average day.  Average, not long. Average day during harvest.  That doesn’t count the time blowing the combine off with a leaf blower each night and getting back to the farm to his vehicle and managing all the other stuff.  I’m talking up and down and back and forth here people.

This is the view from a combine cab looking at the auger wagon as it dumps.  Usually this is done “on the go.”  The combine keeps harvesting and dumps at the same time.  My guess is, this combine is stopped, cuz I’m going to venture to say that harvesting, dumping and taking a picture with your phone would be a bit dangerous.  Just a guess.

So keep em rollin’ bro!  We are just shy of 40% done with harvest as I type.  So keep ‘em going, I’d like to hang out and eat cheetos with your brother again soon. 

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