Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing Trucks

My boys play trucks all the time on the carpet in the living room, on the rug in their bedroom and occasionally in the dirt outside.  The big boys play trucks too, it’s just that their toys are a little more expensive and a little bigger to boot.  If you have never stood beside a running tractor or a semi that is warming up, you ought to.  The engine will put the shakes to ya!

airal of semi loading

Just a few quick pics today of semis loading dry corn.  This corn has been processed through our drying system and is at the proper moisture to go to the elevator.   


It’s a pretty constant flow of semis in and out here.  It’s kind of orchestrated, if you can make semi loading sound kind of pretty….ya, not really working for me either.


They load, they drive, they dump, they come back and do it again!  It’s an important job around here and we have a few good guys that get er done for us!

arial 2

This guy’s all loaded, pulling his tarp over to protect his precious load and he’s off!

Happy Fall Ya’ll


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