Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sasquatch Spotted in Rural American Corn Field

This is what harvest looks like here…..friends and family and kids enjoying the season.  That’s a bit sappy, but true.  I am loving the coming of fall more and more each year.  As the kiddos get bigger, they are able to enjoy the work and the bounty and the harvest and the equipment and the excitement all for themselves.  These photos are from this weekend, of my two big kids plus a friend of theirs. 


Here’s the kicker, Mason’s dad and uncle are some of hubs’ best friends in life.  They have real jobs, but love to spend their free time in the spring and fall here with us.  They bring their wives and kids to hang out and ride and play in the corn stubble.  Thanks for the pics guys!

There was word of a Big Foot sighting in one of the freshly harvested fields by some passers by in cars.  I have a sneaking suspicion it was three imaginative kids, having fun with nothing but corn husks and a few fallen kernels to play with.  There is also word that a new corn husk bowl was invented to cook corn for the people of the prairie, or was it the space aliens that landed in the field to take over our planet? Either way, childhood imagination was flourishing here this weekend.


At harvest on the farm, people gather, people eat, people work, people become family.  It’s the way it should be.  I am so grateful to be a part of it.



Our oldest daughter rode for a long time with her Uncle in the combine.  One can only image what the conversation was like.  I do know, that several tootsie rolls were consumed. 


This combine is stopped, you surely don’t think we’d turn three grade-schoolers loose with a Mountain Dew, a piece of expensive equipment and field to harvest do you?  We limit it to two kids at a time, and you need to be at least 8! 



Here’s  Mason and the big kids again.  I think technically they were checking a bin to see how much more corn could be put into it.  Playing from sun up till sun down with zero toys and zero electronics on a beautiful fall afternoon?  Awesome!

kids in shucks

These Dudes were spotted and apprehended, charged with impersonation of Sasquatch.  Book em’!

Happy Harvest to ya’ll!

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