Monday, September 26, 2011

Boots and Toots

My husband sent me these pictures the other day from his phone.  I gussied them up a little and thought you all might enjoy them.  When thinking of a title, Boots and Toots just naturally came to my mind.  It’s pretty descriptive our lives around here.  It’s dirty long days full of dirt and mud, it’s the boots and chaps and cowboy hats, wait that’s a Garth song.    It rained a little here the last few days and the sun hasn’t shone much to dry things out, so we are a little soggy (and apparently slap happy.)


These are Justin’s Redwings while he was hauling grain to or from a field in a semi.  While his brother is mostly a combine man during the fall, he is kind of a man with many hats.  He’d say he’s Da Boss (actually no he wouldn’t, but I can’t get that Saturday Night Live skit off my mind.) It’s a bit harsh for on here, but you can google it.  You may find my man in the pit where they dump the grain to be dried, or in a semi or a combine or maybe running for parts.  He likes my blog and is always sending me photos.  He’s sweet like that:)

muddy boots 2

This semi is a Kenworth.  It’s a bit oldish I think.  But  that makes for a great interior shot.  Cool huh?

  muddy boots

The Baby is REALLY into getting semis and tractors, combines, passing cars or any type of vehicle really to toot their horns.  We see alot of this…see the little arm going up and down asking for the passing semi to toot it’s horn?!  Adorable!


Toot! Toot! Happy gloomy, breezy fall day!

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